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340 Third Street, NJ

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340 Third Street is more than a residence; it’s an integrated experience that makes living easier and better. Innovative layouts and clean design amplify the sense of light and space in every unit. Built in storage, washer/dryer, dishwasher, and free WiFi means you are set from the day you move in. There’s Keyless building entry system, package lockers, bicycle storage to make healthy commuting easier, and a purified water ‘filling station’ so you can help the environment too. From top to bottom, the 340 Third Street experience unites progressive design, high technology, and modern amenities into a seamless living experience.


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    One Bedroom

    Fill your one bedroom apartment with the most essential and chic furniture - including a picture-perfect sofa, an elegant dining set, and a comfy bed. Make your space functional and stylish with one of our design packages.

    Two Bedroom

    2 Bedroom Premium

    Want to experience a truly unique design? Our premium styles are curated with selectively sourced pieces from around the world. This a perfect palette to add your personal touches and let your distinctive personality shine.